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Hastings Street, Noosa HeadsHastings Street

Welcome to, one of the oldest websites about the magnificent Hastings Street, Noosa Heads. Here you can book a room, or a Hastings St restaurant or tour online within minutes and plan your holiday easily.

About Hastings Street

Hastings Street Noosa is the tourist town’s hub; where fashion, beach and café lifestyle meet together in an eclectic mix. Hastings St is the place to go to experience the high society of the Sunshine Coast. Located approximately 90 minutes from Brisbane, Hastings st is known for its expensive boutique shops and top class restaurants.

The shops in Hastings st are like nowhere else. There are many fashion boutiques where you can find clothes to suit any taste or body shape. There are also jeweler shops and accessory stores. Hastings Street certainly offers the keen shopper everything they are hoping for whilst on holiday or even as a local.

Everyone comes to Hastings Street to shop and swim because it is a waterfront-shopping district. The beach is sandy and beautiful as is the weather in the aptly named, Sunshine Coast. Many tourists, locals and surfers alike enjoy the waters and waves of Noosa Beach. The sand is where many people sunbathe and enjoy the outdoor life of Hastings Street.

Hastings St adjoins Little Cove, Noosa Hill and Noosa Sound.

Safety In The Noosa Area

Noosa Heads is a generally safe area. However, it is always important to consider cheap travel insurance whenever you are traveling. This way you can enjoy your holiday and spend less time worrying about unfortunate events.

Hastings Street is also home to the information centre for Noosa. It is run by volunteer local people who know the area of Noosa and Hastings inside out. They can tell you which restaurants are best and where to find any attractions. They will book a tour for you or tell you which walking tracks are best through the national park. Located at the end of Hastings Street is Noosa National Park.

For those people who want to stay in the heart of Hastings Street, it has many hotel accommodations to suit any travelers. As Hastings Street is a prime address, accommodation is 5 star and catered to those with a large budget. There are also many places to stay in and around Hastings Street. For more information regarding booking a room, visit our Hastings St Accommodation page.

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